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ONTROL THE DESTINY OF THE EMPIRE as you seize power, conquer and control in this massive 4X Real-Time Strategy compilation that includes the complete and fully-updated "Grand Ages Rome" along with the new "Reign of Augustus" Expansion Pack and features massive non-linear campaigns comprised of over 50 missions; advanced battle systems; a multi-leveled economic system; as well as online multiplayer with a variety of competitive and cooperative modes.
An Empire Is Born After decades in exile, your family name has been all but forgotten in Rome. But the departure of the tyrant Sulla has changed everything, and Rome stands on the brink of a new era. Sides must be chosen.

REIGN OF AUGUSTUS - The Golden Age; The "Reign of Augustus" Expansion Pack includes a new campaign comprised of 12 missions, new maps and a wealth of enhanced gameplay features. Existing Grand Ages Rome players can easily transfer their characters into "Reign of Augustus" and continue expanding the empire.


  • EXPLORE: Journey to ancient Gaul, Egypt, Britannia, and more to colonize barbarians and establish new trade routes.
  • EXPAND: Stake your claim throughout the known world in the name of Rome! Help build the empire through military conquest and economic prowess.
  • EXTERMINATE: Destroy all who stand in the way of Rome's glory! Defend your territories by land and sea to secure peace and prosperity for the Empire.
  • EXPLOIT: Natural resources are yours for the taking as you establish farming, mining, and logging operations. Raze barbarian villages for riches, labor, and property.
Platform PC DVD-ROM
System Windows XP (SP2) / Vista
CPU 2,5 Ghz
Graphics DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card with 128 MB
HDD 1,5 GB