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logoKalypso Media is a global independent developer, marketer and publisher of interactive entertainment software. Headquartered in Germany, Kalypso Media was founded by industry veterans and media entrepreneurs Simon Hellwig and Stefan Marcinek.

Kalypso is globally known as one of the leading publishers of strategy and simulation games for PC, Mac, Linux and consoles. Its titles, such as the bestselling ‘Tropico’ series, are available throughout the world via the company’s vast and expanded digital and traditional boxed distribution networks.

Today, Kalypso Media employs more than 120 motivated and talented employees at eight publishing and development facilities across Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom.


As well as developing and marketing its own games, Kalypso Media also works with experienced, independent development studios throughout the world to deliver their products to the global audience both digitally and through boxed retail.

Independent developers are given the opportunity to benefit from Kalypso’s vast knowledge in marketing and distribution by publishing high quality interactive entertainment software via Kasedo Games, Kalypso’s ‘Digital First’ division aimed at the mid-price range market.

By mid-2014, a constantly growing community of more than one million registered strategy game enthusiasts will have the opportunity to play Kalypso’s products on their smartphones and tablets (Android, iOS)

All employees and executives of the Kalypso Media Group work hard every day to guarantee a great entertainment experience and a lot of fun, because:

‘Games lubricate the mind’. (Benjamin Franklin, 18th century)

For more information and news about Kalypso Media and their products please visit our Facebook–Page and Twitter Feeds.

Simon Hellwig

Simon Hellwig
Global Managing Director & Owner - Kalypso Media Group

Simon Hellwig, who studied International Business at the Royal Holloway University of London, amongst others, managed and owned Blackstar Interactive until 2003 with a turnover of over 3 million Euro, where he successfully implemented and developed the marketing concept of the "Episodic Computer Game Novels". The continuous up-keep of far-reaching business relationships in the entertainment industry, especially those with international distributors, led to the founding of the media rights trading company HEMETRA in 2003.

After more than 10 years in the entertainment software industry, in the summer of 2006 Simon Hellwig founded Kalypso Media together with Stefan Marcinek, with headquarters in Worms, Germany.

Today, he is responsible for all global sales and finance operations of the Kalypso Media Group, which expanded within seven years after incorporation into a globally operating game publishing group with offices and development studios in Germany, the UK and North America.

Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson
Vice President North America - Kalypso Media USA

Andrew Johnson been in the Games Industry since 1995, he started as Sales Manager at GT Interactive who published such games as Doom PS1, Hexen and Heretic PC. After 5 years he decided to move on and worked for BBC Worldwide as Head of International Sales, after 6 months he then took on the responsibility of the UK Sales operation as well. With the BBC he released titles such as Bob the Builder, Tweenies, Robot Wars and The Weakest Link. In 2005 joined Atari as Sales Director responsible for the UK, UAE and South Africa, the most recent title released was Alone in the Dark on X-Box360, Pc, Wii and PS2 in 2008.

Since August 2008 he is serving Kalypso Media UK as Managing Director with the responsibility of running the UK office and servicing all European and Export territories outside of Germany/Austria/Switzerland. By February 2014 he took on the commercial and operations responsibility of Kalypso Media USA as well, reporting directly to the owners.

Sherry Heller
Vice President Sales North America & Asia - Kalypso Media USA

Sherry Heller has been in the entertainment industry for over 20 years. Beginning as a Sales Director at Macmillan Publishing’s new venture into retail PC and Productivity products, she branched into the PC gaming business with Simon & Schuster Interactive who brought the Star Trek gaming franchise to American retailers. With successful launches also under the Paramount Interactive brands, she went on to head up the PC gaming initiative at ValuSoft in 2000 which was acquired in 2003 by THQ.

With a 9 year run at THQ heading up sales, international licensing and product acquisition for THQ’s ValuSoft PC gaming division, she moved to running the North American Retail Sales for ValuSoftCosmi in 2012.

In August of 2013, Sherry moved to Kalypso Media USA to head up North American and Asia Retail Sales.

Marcus Behrens

Marcus Behrens
Publishing Director Mobile - Kalypso Media

Marcus Behrens started his career in the games industry as a Product Manager with Warner Interactive. In 1999 he joined Eidos Interactive where he was responsible for the conception and development of marketing strategies and campaigns for their AAA GSA game releases. Later, he held leading positions in Marketing, Product Management and Business Development.

From 2010 to 2014 Mr Behrens was member of the Bigpoint HQ Senior Management Team. This position saw him successfully set up and form the Product Management team as well as the then newly founded 3rd Party Publishing division.

Since January 2015 Mr Behrens heads the Publishing business of Kalypso Media Mobile as Publishing Director.